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So, there it is: the Baptism of Jesus.  The locust eating, camel hair and leather belt wearing John – above his protest and against his will – baptizing Jesus in the Jordan.  The scene concludes with a voice from heaven proclaiming: ‘You are my Son, the Beloved, with you I am well pleased’ (Mark 1:11).The lectionary situates this story in our sanctuary this Sunday.  If your spiritual and scriptural gears grind while hearing it, you’re entitled!  In less than two weeks we move from witnessing the birth of our Savior in a stable, to watching three astrologers follow the Epiphany star to shower him with priceless treasures, to the fully grown Jesus being baptized.

There is enough here to write at least three dissertations.  Given the mandated boundaries imposed by Mailchimp, let me offer this: yes, time passes quickly, and it does so with or without us; whether or not we assent.  Often the sequence of events in our lives and our spiritual preparedness feel out of sync; either rushed or delayed, and not in our control.

As it is in the Bible, so it is with us: the reality of life is that its rhythm rarely, if ever, adheres to the normal sinus rhythm of the heart.  In John’s heart he was not ready, nor did he feel qualified, to baptize the Christ.  What it took to complete the sacrament was the humility and faith to suspend not just his own expectations, but his desire to control the time line for their fulfillment.

In this, the post-Christmas season, may God bless us with the faith to walk in God’s time even, and especially, when it does not sync with our own.





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