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Oh what a night…

At some point in my preparation for ministry I was taught the term kairos moment.  As with an epiphany, a kairos moment is a defining one; one in which the very essence of the goodness and grace of God is captured in time.  Three nights ago I had a kairos moment; a singular defining moment about the power and presence of God in our midst.

Picture the scene…Monday night at 18th and Baynard.  It’s dark and wintry on the outside, so come with me to the Gathering Place, where the spirits are as bright at the lights.  There we find thirty people from around our city who are a part of the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow, an interfaith group working to plug the school to prison pipeline, and bring racial righteousness to our justice system.

Now come with me to the upstairs lounge.  Shhhhh…we need to tread lightly through the Church School Hall.  There the lights are dimmer but the spirit of the modern dance group shines brightly.  A group of women who have been meeting every Monday for more than twenty years are elegantly dancing around the room to soothing music.

When we get to the lounge we are welcomed by the sound of clicking crochet and knitting needles.  Half a dozen Saints are exercising their hands and hearts as they share their own journeys with one another, all the while creating special shawls that will embrace those who are sick with the love of God.

One more stop…up to the second floor of the education wing where we find nine students from the University of the Sciences.  They have just arrived from Philadelphia and are making quick work of a stack of pizzas provided by Habitat for Humanity.  The students and their leader will spend a week building Habitat houses by day and playing in the gym by night.  Praise God for young people who use their precious spring break vacation in the service of others, and with those whose dream of owning their own home will be realized.

Thank you for taking this tour with me, and for sharing this kairos moment.  Even more, thank you for sharing the journey which produced it.


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