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As we prepare to dedicate our pledges for the ministry and mission of the church this Sunday, I step aside here to offer this inspiring piece of good news from the team of Saints who planned and presented our 200th anniversary celebration.

A month ago, we were putting the finishing touches on an event to celebrate the 200-year partnership between the Female Harmony Society and Hanover Church. The programs were printed, the place cards were written, the speaker was primed. By the end of the weekend, we’d shared dinner, music, conversation, history, and worship with other Hanover Saints and friends of the Female Harmony Society.
In the midst of all that planning and dreaming about our celebration weekend, we kicked off the200 for 200 Bicentennial Campaign, a fundraising campaign to sustain both Hanover and the Female Harmony Society for another 200 years. Many of you graciously contributed to the campaign in honor of the celebration in October.
Days after our celebration, the campaign received an unexpected boost. The staff at Arsht Hall felt their service during our celebration did not meet their usual standards and they graciously waived the cost and service fees of the dinner. We received this unexpected expression of grace with great gratitude.  The Executive Committee of the Female Harmony Society and the Session immediately and unanimously designated this great gift to the 200 for 200 Bicentennial Campaign. 
This gift from Arsht Hall reminds us of the unexpected good things that sometimes happen in our lives. How can we react, except with gratitude? What can these unexpected gifts inspire in us?
This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday, when our financial pledges are received.  As each of us considers what we are able to pledge to support the mission and ministries of Hanover Church, may we be inspired by the unexpected gifts and blessings in our lives. 
Thank you for your ongoing support of the mission and ministry of the Female Harmony Society and Hanover Church, and may our gifts – both the expected and the unexpected – be used in the service of peace and justice for all of God’s children.

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