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At the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement and in the midst of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Mother Pollard, a 72 year old participant in the movement, was asked after several weeks of walking to and from her destinations whether she was tired.  She responded:

My feets is tired, but my soul is rested.

Something powerful and energizing happens when we lift our voices through our feet.  When the cause is just, marching brings rest and peace for the soul even if the feet suffer and struggle.

It is marching time.  Last Sunday more than 400,000 people took to the streets in New York City for the People’s Climate March, stepping out and speaking up about our complicity in the state of our shared, earthly home.  At the end of that day there were 800,000 tired feets – and yet there was rest and solace for the collective, human soul.

This Saturday hundreds of people will step through the streets of our neighborhood in the March for a Culture of Peace (see below).  We will lift our voices to protest the violence that continues to rack and rank our city as among the worst in the nation.  With our feet we will pray for peace.

Purposeful marching is prayer in motion.  When we focus our desires for peace and justice through our feet and with our voices in the public arena, we are lifting the prayers, petitions and passions we have received from God.

May God bless our tired feet as we march, and may we receive rest for our souls.



Peace March

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