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There are lessons we carry in our heads because we were taught them.  Then there are lessons we carry in our hearts because we have lived them.  Occasionally we are blessed with experiences in which the lessons of head and heart meet.Through the 9th Ward Interfaith Clergy group I continue to experience the union of what I have learned with what I have lived: when even a small group of dedicated people of faith work togetherfor good, the love of God comes to life.

Together, we offer the very best of 9th Ward hospitality to homeless families through our partnership with Family Promise.  The ministry is staffed completely by volunteers from seven different houses of worship each night of the week, three weeks each year.  Our next week of hosting families at Peninsula-McCabe Methodist Church is September 22-29.  There is still a need for volunteers; if you are interested, contact Isheta Smith, Hanover’s coordinator.

Together, we create forums for deep and honest conversations across race, culture, class, denomination, and faith about things that matter.  For seven weeks (beginning October 7 at Hanover) we will discuss The New Jim Crowe, a national bestseller because it exposes the systemic racial injustice and bias in our criminal justice system.  Click here for details.

Together, we gather over hot appetizers and cold beverages to share our spiritual journeys across lines of faith.  Theology on Tap is an opportunity to hear about the life lessons that others carry in their hearts, even as we share our own (see below).

Twice a year we come together in worship to offer shared gratitude for our blessings and put voice to our desire for a better world.  On November 26 we will gather for our annualThanksgiving Celebration.  In January we will gather to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King and his work for the justice and equality of which we all dream.

The writer of Psalm 133 wrote eloquently about the intersection of head and heart:
How very  good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!



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