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He’s been called by some the most influential person in the history of the western world. He’s enigmatic, controversial, profound, frustrating, and inspiring. But none can question the faith and commitment of the Apostle Paul: evangelist, theologian, prolific writer, and martyr. For 11 weeks this fall (up to Advent) we will come to better know the man, more fully understand his thought and theology, and more deeply engage the meaning of his words and world as it relates to ours.

The purpose of this study is to more fully appreciate not just the apostle Paul, but to more deeply understand his central role in the creation of the Christian faith. We will engage his seven”authentic”* letters in search of his theological constructions, and listen for how they lead to practical application for followers of Christ in local communities of faith. Throughout, we will be asking: what does Paul mean for us today?

*The “authentic” letters of Paul: Romans, I & II Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, I Thessalonians, Philemon
The “disputed” letters of Paul: Ephesians, Colossians, Titus
The nearly-everyone-agrees weren’t written by Paul letters: I & II Timothy, II Thessalonians
And then there’s Hebrews…

Read the Syllabus Here


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