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Tonight, remembering 9/11.

Last night, the President proposing a plan to confront unimaginable acts and rebuff inconceivable evil.

Two days ago, another young man shot and killed in our neighborhood.

Three days ago, teenagers on the front page of our local paper brutally attacking a developmentally disabled man.

At moments it is overwhelming. How can one – even while bearing deep faith – not ask: How long, O Lord?

My prayer to offer an answer to this question remains unanswered.

What I can offer is a suggestion and exhortation: in the face of being overwhelmed, create for yourself a place where you can go that gives you solace, perspective, and hope. Then, in such moments, go to that place.

Perhaps it’s a literal place; if so, go there. Perhaps it’s a person; if so, go to them. Perhaps it’s a verse in scripture; if so, open the book. Perhaps it’s an activity; if so, do it.

Tonight I would offer one of the places I turn in such moments: music. I offer on this overwhelming night a particular piece with the hope that it might offer you what it offers me: solace, perspective, and hope.

The title and word is Hallelujah. It means to express and offer praise, joy, and thanksgiving. To offer Hallelujah in the face of the unimaginable and inconceivable is in and of itself an act of faith. It is to say we deeply believe in something bigger and more powerful than evil. It is to issue a statement of faith: in the end, light will overcome darkness.

Click below to hear the musical story of the birth of hope and light, how and why he came, and to sing along with those who have the audacity to sing Hallelujah in light of the darknesss.

May God bless us with places through which we overcome being overwhelmed. And may God bless us with…


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