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The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it…
Psalm 24:1

Creation is God’s original and greatest act and gift: dark & light, sea & sky, plant & creature, and us humans.  After making it all, God deemed it good.  God then gave us the charge, power, and authority to be stewards of all of creation.  This most amazing circle of creation is the house and home God built, and we are the tenants.

We  know that the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains…
Romans 8:22
Just as Paul wrote to the Romans about the groaning of creation for rebirth and redemption in his day, so creation continues to cry out to us.  Days are darker and the nights are brighter, skies and seas suffer, plants and creatures disappear.  We have not been good tenants – we continue to violate our lease with God.

This Sunday is Earth Day.  In worship, study, song, and prayer we will rejoice in the goodness of God’s creation – this special circle that is our home.  At the same time we will acknowledge the groaning of creation – the ways in which it is compromised and threatened.  We will confess our culpability in the groanings, and contemplate actions to reduce the labor pains.

We also continue to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus in this season of Easter.  The salvation offered from the cross and through the tomb was for all of creation.  Jesus died to offer reservations on the Resurrection journey for all that God has made and called good.  May the Alleluias we offer in this season be so expansive to include every piece, part, and portion of creation.