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Being is a household with two working parents who often work evenings is a challenge to full family time.  One of the great blessings that has been born in our home in response to this challenge is “boys night out”.  As much as we miss mom and partner, such evenings have become a special tradition.  Boys night out has been fast food at Fox Point; grilled cheese sandwiches at the bowling alley; wings, mac & cheese, and all-you-can eat popcorn at a local sports bar; or a hike in a park with trail mix and juice boxes.Last Friday we stayed in for boys night out.  We curled up on the couch with a large pizza and a movie.  We watched Hugo, a movie I recommend without reservation (click here for a preview).  It is a marvelous testament of hope, mystery, adventure, intrigue, and the power of dreams.  What was most striking – and rare – is that Hugo captured and held the imagination of a nearly four year old, an eight year old, and a, well, older person.Few things have the power to inspire and hold meaning for people of all ages.  Zoos are a great example.  The next time you’re at a zoo watch and listen carefully as young people ask older people questions, and older people act like children.  The joy in such places is as much about the fact that it is shared by all as it is about the actual experience.

Each time I’ve remembered Hugo this week I’ve thought about Jesus.  Like a great movie, Jesus and his message have the power to reach and touch us all where we are.  Jesus speaks to the four year old who sings “Jesus loves me, this I know”.  Jesus speaks to the eight year old who can tell the story of the empty tomb and not understand the term resurrection.  And Jesus speaks to the older ones who can recite refined Reformed theology.

The power of the gospel is that it inspires and holds meaning for people of all ages and levels of understanding.  The power of the gospel is that it leads young people to ask sophisticated and mature questions, and older people to act with simple faith.  The power of the gospel is that it spreads joy because it can be shared by all.

May our sharing of the gospel be filled with great joy and deep…