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Vacation Log Entry #1: Summer, 2014

There is something exhilarating about being at the edge.  With a lighthouse, the sea, and Canada behind them, these two rugged hikers are standing at a stone marker that says: “Easternmost Point in the U.S.A., West Quoddy Head, Lubec, Maine.”  They are standing at the edge of a nation, 4,823 miles from the other edge at Peaked Island in Alaska.

Being at this edge means being the first to see the sun rise (not so exhilarating at 5:30am in a tent!).  And yet if one is traveling eastward, this is the last piece of mother earth before falling into the sea.  Depending upon which direction one is traveling, being at the edge means being first or being last.

Standing at this edge I had a new realization about what Jesus means when he says “the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

Whether we are first or last is not defined by where we are, but by the direction of our journey.  Likewise, life and faith are journeys that are not defined by where we are at any given moment, but by the direction we choose to travel.

May God bless us to travel in directions that leads us toward God, and may our journeys land us at that exhilarating edge where we meet God.


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