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My fingers cannot keep up with or match the rhythm of the fireworks that are already celebrating the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.  Tomorrow we remember the courageous revolutionaries who, in response to injustice and inequality, signed their names and dedicated their lives to the pursuit of freedom and justice for all of God’s children.  Tonight I offer prayers that tomorrow we would humbly receive, and offer deep gratitude for, the blessings we enjoy as a result of their courage and commitment.

Turn the page…this morning I took part in an inspiring gathering with Hanover Saints and Dr. Anne Boylan.  You may not know her…yet.  She will be the keynote speaker at our celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Female Harmony Society, and of 200 continuous years of Christian education, Church School, at Hanover.  Mark your calenders now for October 18 & 19, which will be our 4th of July.

It is only a small stretch to connect the commitment and courage of the passionate Mothers of Hanover with our founding Fathers: each group dedicated their lives to the establishment of equality, justice and freedom for all of God’s children.  The members of the Female Harmony Society recognized that children, especially motherless children, were being denied the freedom that emanates from education.  They petitioned the powers that be in the church, and then in the state legislature, with their declaration: that all of God’s children are entitled to the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  May the Christ-like faith, perseverance, and commitment to justice in the face of immeasurable barriers, of our Mothers and Fathers inspire no less in us.

As the Spirit would have it, later in the day I picked up a copy of Sunday’s bulletin and read over the words of our anthem, a classic African-American spiritual: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child – sometimes I feel like a motherless child – sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long way from home.

May our celebrations of the revolutions that have sought and fought to create a home for all of God’s children be blessed.  Then may God lead us to declare our revolutionary independence from all that denies freedom.



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