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Each year in recognition of the National Day of Remembrance, the Delaware Victims’ Victims Rights Task Force sponsors an event called the Day of Remembrance.  Earlier this evening the event was held at PS DuPont Middle School.  Families and friends of murder victims post pictures and stories on walls, hear presentations, consume food and fellowship, and share stories and tears.

A couple of years ago I received two revelations at this event.  On that evening I learned the danger and pain of forgetting.  As I rose to speak I realized how incredibly painful it would have been for the people in that room to hear “forgive and forget”.  To those ears and hearts that would have been tantamount to hearing that they should forget not just the random pain that had been thrust upon them, but one they love.

On that night the healing power of memory was also revealed.  I learned that being forgotten is the ultimate abandonment, and that being remembered is the antedote.

Remembrance and redemption need and feed each other.  If to redeem is to renew life beyond death, then every time we remember, we redeem.  Each murder victim was redeemed that night because they were remembered.

Jesus knew that he would live on within his disciples as long as they remembered him.  So he gave them a special meal that would serve to remind them.  He gave them the Table of remembrance, from which redemption is served.  And then he gave his life to seal the revelation of redemption, and the promise that we would never be forgotten.



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