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We all crave a good rally.  A rally feeds visions and fulfills dreams.  Whether in Tampa or Charlotte, on the ball field, in the recovery room, in the workplace, or in the home, an effective rally reminds us that the future is not dictated by the present.  In a rally we experience the transformation of vision into reality; the triumph of hope.
As it is in our world, so it is in our spirits.  The narrative of our faith is a series of rally stories.  The Biblical witness is nothing if not about God’s people walking together in pursuit of a common vision, seeking the fulfillment of dreams.  The gospel is the news of God’s power to deliver us from present-day reality into the future about which we dream.

This Sunday is our Rally Day.  At a simple, chronological level it marks the resumption of our full compliment of worship, music, discipleship, programs and ministries.  But I offer my great hope and fervent prayer that the day would deliver to us a deep spiritual truth.

May we be reminded that, with God, nothing in our future is limited by anything in our present. On our day of rallying, may we be filled with the power that comes when walking together.   Through God’s grace may we receive a foretaste of the fulfillment of our dreams.  May we experience nothing less than the triumph of hope.

May God bless all of the rallies in our lives; that they would feed us and deliver us.